Soldier Wants His Dog Back

A soldier had to say goodbye to his beloved dog after getting deployed overseas, but it turns out it was more of a goodbye than he thought. After he left, Robert Gabbert found out his […]


A retired American soldier salutes to th

Like Father Like Son

Master Sgt. Jack Duquette is used to saluting when Daily Retreat is played outside of his home in Fort Dix, but he didn’t know that his son was paying close attention to what he did. […]


Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Surprise For Girl at Rays Game

Watch a video of a girl throwing out the first pitch at a Rays game and then getting a big surprise.  


Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Soldier and Dog, Happy Homecoming

A soldier returned home from Afghanistan and received a heroes welcome from his dog, Jasmine.  Josh was gone for a year and Jasmine was so excited to see him and Jasmine never forgot Josh.  Scroll […]


Surprise Soldier Homecoming

A soldier surprised his son at his school and the whole thing got caught on video. 


Dog Is Man’s Best Friend, Watch Video

A soldier came home and man’s best friend was waiting to greet him. 


Top 10 Patriotic Country Songs

The news of Osama Bin Laden’s death has made large waves among Americans today as everyone’s celebrating the end of a near 10 year chapter.  We’re celebrating today too by giving you a great Patriotic […]


Video: Toby Keith's "Soldier"

After much fame and success, Toby Keith still manages to remember the important things and life and give thanks.


Tim McGraws Salute To A Soldier

Those with family members in the army know what it is like to almost lose a loved one or have a loved one come back injured.



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