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Southwest Airlines passenger planes are

Airline Lands in Wrong City

A Southwest Airlines plane scheduled to land in Branson, Missouri actually landed in a smaller airport in Taney County, Missouri, about seven miles away from the Branson airport. And the smaller airport’s runway about half […]



Get Ready For Thinner Seats On Airlines

When I first found out about this I could hardly imagine having even less space on an airplane! I still cannot fathom it being any tighter! A number of airlines are in the process of […]



Southwest Airlines Wants To Charge You To Get On First

Southwest Airlines used to subtly nickle and dime you with hidden fees- now they have taken a more aggressive approach to get more money out of you per flight. They tempt you with conveniences and privileges that used to be free.


Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for IMG

Ellen Degeneres Calls 911 For Chest Pains

Veronica gave us her daily dose of the Celebrity Squeeze, the topics included, Southwest Airlines and Celebrities, Celebrities with chest pains.


Creepy Symbols on Airliner

Some mysterious symbols have been found out on some Southwest Airplanes and no one knows how they got there. 



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