photo courtesy of NASA

Life on Mars?

NASA’s Curiosity rover spotted what some believe to be an iguana on the sufrace of Mars, but others are skeptical and say it’s most likely a rock. Although there’s no concrete proof it’s a life […]


NASA's Curiosity Rover Images Of Mars

UFOs On Mars [Photo]

NASA’s Curiosity rover started sending back images when it touched down on Mars. Some of the images started to spark rumors that they were UFOs on the planet and perhaps there were signs of other […]



New Planet with Life?

A new planet has been found that has a temperature of 72 degrees and is similar to planet Earth. 


Screen shot 2011-11-16 at 3.45.37 PM

Mysterious Images From Space

New images on Google Maps showed some interesting structures in China. 


What Are the Mars Rovers Up To?

They have been on Mars for 7 years, but what are they doing now? 


Sex In Space

NASA is thinking about sending a mission to Mars where the people won’t be able to come back to Earth. 


Near Miss Asteroid

An asteroid will come close to Earth this afternoon, but it is no threat to the planet. 



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