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Youngest Spelling Bee Contestant

The most common age for the Scripps Spelling Bee in 13-years-old, but Lori Anne Madison is only half the age of all the other contestants.  Lori Anne is just 6-years-old, but see qualified for nationals […]


spelling bee

The Cledus and Dave Spelling Challenge

Debbie played our spelling bee challenge today, who did she pick to play and did she win the ‘Them Idiots Whirled’ tour.


spelling bee

The Spell Off Challenge

Today we played the spell off challenge for Brad Paisley tickets, who did they decide to play, Veronica, Dave, or Cledus. Take a listen.


spelling bee

Spelling Bee Challenge Against Cledus

Today John wanted to play our spelling bee, he picked Cledus to play against, take a listen to see who wins.


spelling bee

Our Spelling Bee Challenge Winner

Today we played our Spelling Bee challenge, it’s pretty funny what our contestant thought her first word was, take a listen.


Students Compete In Annual National Spelling Bee

We Played The Spelling Bee Challenge Today

Today we played the Spelling Bee Challenge with Joanna, this is pretty funny.


spelling bee

Our Spelling Bee Challenge

Today we played our Spelling Bee, who did the listener challenge, and who won?


spelling bee

Our Spelling Bee Contest Winner

We finally had sombody play Veronica in our spelling Bee, this very funny!


spelling bee

Our Spelling Bee Contest

Today we played a spelling bee contest for Dolly Parton tickets, very funny.


spelling bee

Spelling Bee Challenge With Cledus And Dave

Today we played a Spelling Bee for Mosi tickets, this was so funny, you gotta hear this one!




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