Sunshine and Whiskey

Frankie Ballard

Frankie Ballard Says New Single ‘Sunshine & Whiskey’ Is a ‘Summertime Thing’

“It’s a summertime thing. As an album title, I felt like it really wrapped its arms around all the songs. If nothing else, maybe people in Walmart will look at it and go, ‘Sunshine and whiskey?’ and at least give it a second glance.”


frankie ballard launch

Behind The Scenes Of Frankie Ballard’s “Helluva Life” Video

Frankie Ballard’s hit single “Helluva Life” is featured on his new album “Sunshine and Whiskey.” Recently Ballard shot a video for the tune in between tour dates and has now released a behind the scenes […]


Imagine Dragons In Concert At The Joint At the Hard Rock

Frankie Ballard Talks Sunshine and Whiskey

With a brand new album coming out today, Frankie Ballard took some time to talk to Steve and Monika about what to expect in his new music and more! “Sunshine and Whiskey” is the title […]



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