What’s Your Superhero Name?

Take a break from your busy day and have a little fun! Steve Austin discovered a way to find out what your name would be if you were a superhero! Combine the color of your […]


2012 Concert For The Rainforest Fund - After Party

The One Role Tom Hanks Wants…But Can’t Land

Tom Hanks has been labeled the most versatile actor in Hollywood. That’s because he’s played a wide array of characters in almost every genre. But there’s one role he still hasn’t tackled. He says he’s […]


skyler samuels

Skyler Samuel Talks Superpowers, Being A Junior Correspondent With Access Hollywood

Chuck talks with Skyler Samuel about her superhero powers on “The Nine Lives Of Chloe King,” her junior correspondent job with Access Hollywood when she was 8yrs old, and more.


Top Movies Over the Weekend

If you went to the movies over the Mother’s Day weekend you probably saw a superhero movie. 



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