Tampa Bay

Raymond James Stadium

Wanna Be In A Super Bowl Video?

Tampa Bay is trying win a bid to host the 2015 Superbowl. Bid organizers are looking for volunteers to star in their proposal video.


Tampa Bay’s Floating Luxury Hotel

It’s six years in the making and it is definitely a luxury hotel, but it is on the water instead of the land. 


spelling bee

Our Spelling Bee Contest Winner

We finally had sombody play Veronica in our spelling Bee, this very funny!



Funny Call About Powerball Strategy

Today we got a call from a guy with his powerball strategy, take a listen to this and see if you understand what he is trying to say.


One Costly Crib

Ok, so it is not the house above, but it sold for $9 million here in the Tampa Bay area. 


Lucius Baston

Lucius Baston Talks About Working With Nicolas Cage, Being In The Air Force & His New Movie “Teen Spirit”

This Sunday on ABC Family @ 7 & 9pm is a new movie called, “Teen Spirit,” Lucius plays a Vice Principal in this movie. Lucius is a local actor, he has been in a movie […]


spelling bee

Our Spelling Bee Contest

Today we played a spelling bee contest for Dolly Parton tickets, very funny.


SPCA Cat 1

SPCA Pet Of The Week In Our Studio

The SPCA brought in their “Pet of the Week,” this beautiful cat would love to be adopted by a loving family.


Radio War In Tampa Bay

The Radio war started when Bubba The Love Sponge decided he wanted to criticize Cledus for making a tribute song for Caylee Anthony, Orlando from the Freak Show then decide to have Cledus’s back, so what happened next, […]



SPCA ‘Pet Of The Week,’ Hercules In The Studio

Today we had a beautiful 5yr old dog named Hercules in the studio, he is the SPCA ‘Pet Of The Week.’ Hercules would love to be adopted by a loving family.