Tampa Bay

Still Monkeying Around

The macaque monkey that has been seen in the Tampa Bay area is still out there and it seems as though he may never be caught. 


Man vs. Food in Tampa Bay

  A local restaurant will be featured in the tv show, Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel, tonight. 


Top Tampa Bay CEO's

The list of the top CEO’s in Tampa bay area is out. 


SPCA Pet Of The Week

The SPCA pets of the week were in the studio, take a look a these cute little ginuea pigs.


SPCA Pet Of The Week

Today we had the SPCA in the studio with their pet of the week, a beautiful, loving cat that would like to be adopted by a loving and caring person. If you are interested, we […]


SPCA In The WQYK Studio

Today we had a really sweet dog come by the studio, he wants a loving family. Watch the video.


SPCA In The Studio

Today we had a beautiful dog in the studio that would love to be adopted by you, watch the video.


SPCA In The Studio

The SPCA stopped by the studio with a beautiful dog named Bella. Take a look at the video.


McDonald’s Delivers

There are some McDonald’s around the Tampa Bay area that are now delivering breakfast and lunch to you. 


Charley Belcher Calls The Morning Show

Today Charley Belcher called the morning show to talk about the Pinellas Park Parade that him and Dave were in this past weekend.