Wheel of Fortune’s $1 Million Winner is a Teacher

As part of Teacher week, a Maryland middle school teacher’s future changed courtesy of Wheel of Fortune when she won the $1 million dollar prize. Sarah Manchester solved two puzzles before getting the chance at […]


(Courtesy of Vincent Funeral Home

1st Grade Teacher is a Secret Millionaire

After Kathleen Magowan passed away and left significant amount of money to schools, churches and charities it was discovered she was a multi-millionaire…and nobody knew it when she was alive. Magowan and her twin brother […]


1915 Teacher Rules

Steve found rules about what teachers in 1915 could and could not do. 


Kid Get Pepper Sprayed

A kid threatened his teachers and got pepper sprayed because of it. 


Teachers Past Catches Up

A teacher is St. Louis was given administration leave and will not get her job back. 


Teacher Letter

The other day Cledus Read a letter he wrote to teachers. If you want a copy of the letter we have it for you.


Phone Calls About The Teacher Story That Cledus Wrote

Today we got some really good phone calls that we want to share with you. Take a listen.


Dave Tries To Get Chuck A Tutor

Listen as Dave tries to hire Chuck a tutor.



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