The Guitar Song

An Awards List As Long As Jamey Johnson’s Beard

The award nominations keep rolling in for [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Jamey Johnson[/lastfm] and his album “The Guitar Song.”  How many awards has he been nominated for?  What are his chances to win any of the awards?


‘That’s Why I Write Songs’ Is The Best Country Song Stoney Richards Has Ever Heard

In honor of Country Music Month, we asked a panel of country music experts from across the country”what is the best country song you’ve ever heard?” This installment is from Stoney Richards. Stoney is a […]


New Jamey Johnson

It’s almost like he’s about to say…”what you looking at Willis.”  But seriously if you’re a [lastfm]Jamey Johnson[/lastfm] fan you’ll want to be on the lookout for his latest album due in stores next week.  The […]


We Got New Music From Jamey Johnson!

It’s called, “Front Porch Swing Afternoon” and you are gonna love it! Get your brand new music from [lastfm]Jamey Johnson[/lastfm], today and every Tuesday at iTunes!



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