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Keith Urban (photo by Kurt Wolff/CBS Local)

Keith Urban’s Reaction To Nicole Kidman Getting Hit By Bike

Keith Urban recently answered questions about his personal reaction after his wife Nicole Kidman was knocked over by a paparazzi-cyclist. Urban described the situation as “harrowing.” He also called it the “Wild, Wild West.”  Kidman was […]


(Credit: Getty Images)

Cher Says Tom Cruise Is Near The Top Of Her Greatest Lovers List!?

Leave it to “tell it like it is Cher” to be able to “Kiss and Tell” with class. She says Tom Cruise is a red hot lover, and she giggled and blushed while saying it! […]


Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Tom Cruise’s Scary Divorce

Katie Holmes has filed for divorce from Tom Cruise in what may be one of the biggest Hollywood stories of the year.  Tom and Katie have been married for five years and have a daughter […]



Death Defying Tom Cruise

Mission Impossible 3 starring Tom Cruise will be out soon and Tom did some unbelievable stunts for the movie. 


'nikita' Maggie Q

‘Nikita’ Star Maggie Q. Talks About The Season 2 Premier & How She Increased The Size Of Her Breast Without Surgery

Today Chuck talked to Maggie Q who stars in the hit show Nikita on the CW44 every Friday night at 8pm.



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