Dave McKay & Veronica (Photo By Shani Valencia)

Behind The Scenes With Dave & Veronica [Video]

Want to know what happens after the show with Dave & Veronica? Here’s a sneak peak what goes on behind the scenes!


By: Scott Olson Getty Images News

‘Life of Archie’ Dies

Archie comics announced Archie Andrews will die in the “Life of Archie” series of comic books. The series follows Archie and the gang as they are adults, and Archie will die as the series is […]


Lucy Hale (Photos by WQYK) 012

Lucy Hale Shares Her New Song

Lucy Hale stopped by Thursday to share her new song, “You Sound Good To Me” and talk about her love of music! The 24-year-old Hale, originally from Tennessee, is best known for her role as […]


(photo: Veronica/WQYK)

Veronica’s Komen 3 Day 60 Mile Journey For Breast Cancer

Hey, Veronica here! I’m walking 60 miles over the course of 3 days for breast cancer. It’s the last year that the Komen 3 Day is holding this event in Tampa Bay. It’ll be my […]


Photo By Orlando Davis

Sleep Wars In Radio [Video]

Orlando was just hiding and minding his business…TRYING to sleep! Well… you already know what happens when one person is out and there are people up to good around you! Dave and Veronica from the […]


Veronica poses with the pink Rascal Flatts guitar

Is Veronica Psychic?

Today Veronica shared a story with us about her psychic abilities. She experienced a strange feeling when it came to her sister, Aimee… Veronica successfully predicted Aimee was pregnant with her third baby! Her psychic […]



Kenny Chesney Leads Awards Show

[lastfm link_type=””]Kenny Chesney[/lastfm] is in a very enviable place.  He leads artist nominees with nine nods for the Annual Academy of Country Music Awards.  Right up there with Cledus, Dave, and Veronica.  Well they don’t have […]


Angelina Jolie

Veronica’s College Of Hollywood Knowledge (Play Along With Us)

Today we played Veronica’s College of Hollywood Knowledge, who won, Veronica or the listener?


(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

Meanest Prank Your Parents Played On You

What’s the meanest prank your parents played on you? This morning, Cledus, Dave, and Veronica recounted horrible childhood memories that made them cry and sent them to therapy.


(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Cledus and Veronica Have a Gas Leak in the Studio

Nothing starts off a morning like a good dutch oven to wake up the spouse. This morning Cledus and Veronica debated some of the finer points of letting one rip, and Cledus put into song […]




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