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Screech Lookalike Proclaims His Love [VIDEO]

This video was featured on the Comedy Central show Tosh.0. A lovestruck teen describes his deep, neverending love to his girl Briona. Warning: Do not eat before watching this!


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Goalie Stupid Mistake Ends Game

Wow…imagine letting your team down for a dumb mistake. Well, this goalie probably got given the cold shoulder by his teammates after making one of the biggest mistakes ever during a soccer game. You have […]


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The Pool That Disappears (Video)”

Don’t have room for a patio and a pool in your backyard? Check this out… the “Hidden Pool.” The inventors are showing off their creation in this video that’s gone viral around the ‘net today!


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Protest Helps Contest Winner Get His $10,000 Prize [Video]

Can you imagine entering a contest, following the rules, winning the contest and not receiving your prize?! Well…that’s what happened to this man, Vincent Swope when he went to do a half-court shot to win […]


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Flexible Gymnast Dances With Ball [Video]

Wow! Talk about being flexible! This girl is beyond flexible and throughout her entire routine, she doesn’t lose her connection with the ball. The ball is part of her routine while she’s literally bending backwards […]


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Marriage Proposal Fail On Jumbo Vision [Video]

All women think about how it will be when they get proposed to…the ring, the flowers, everything that can go into the moment to make it special. But, we sometimes forget the courage it takes […]


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Green Bay Packers Fan Gets Tackled On Field [Video]

Wow! Talk about crazy fans! This guy decided to take a run…and maybe he was just wanting to do a workout or something, but the problem is he decided to run the laps on the […]


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20 Most Popular Ads Shared on YouTube in 2011 [Video]

See which Ads made the list of YouTube’s most shared for 2011! Whether it is creative, cutesy, cheesy or somewhere in between, these are some of the most viewed and most shared! Obviously, you can’t […]


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11 Best YouTube Videos of 2011

Let’s face it, sometimes all we can manage to do is watch ridiculous and hilarious YouTube videos to put us in a better mood. We found the 11 biggest viral videos of 2011 to help […]


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Parents Prank Kids With Bad Christmas Gifts [Video]

A few months ago, Jimmy Kimmel gave an assignment to his viewers… videotape telling your kids you ate the rest of their Halloween candy. Your new assignment – tell the kids they get to open […]





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