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Dog Bites Shark

We found these amazing videos of a couple of dogs taking on sharks.


Brad Paisley Becomes A Bobblehead!

  If anyone can appreciate a practical joke, it’s Brad Paisley.  His great sense of humor comes out not only during his live shows, but also in his music.  An anonymous person only known as […]


Surviving Disaster

(Men’s Health) Your odds of dying as a result of a natural disaster are 1 in 3,357. Here’s how you can prepare to ride it out. Stock the essentials — Keep at least 3 day’s […]


Brad Paisley Talks Water

[lastfm]BRAD PAISLEY[/lastfm] says there’s a lot of him in the lyrics to his latest number-one single, Water.


Brad Paisley On Water

[lastfm]BRAD PAISLEY[/lastfm] loves the idea of bringing Water to the water with this weekend’s AquaPalooza concert on the lake. Take a listen.


Water Logged

Drink eight glasses of water a day: We’ve heard that advice so long that we’ve just come to accept it. But a recent review of 27 studies from the University of Pennsylvania found no



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