Whale Hit By Cruise Ship

A Norwegian Cruise Line ship struck a 30-foot whale that was later found on the Brooklyn side of New York Harbor. The 45-year old whale was towed to the New Jersey side of the harbor, […]


Sea World Adds Safety Vest for Trainers

After much-publicized negative feedback from a whale trainer’s death as well as an enlightening documentary, Sea World is taking some positive action. Inflatable safety vests are now required if a trainer is near killer whales […]


Photo credit LUIS ROBAYO/AFP/Getty Images

Almost a Whale Dinner

Check out this amazing video of a couple of divers that have a close call with a whale. Be advised the video contains one expletive, so it is not safe for work or children.


Photo credit LUIS ROBAYO/AFP/Getty Images

8-Year-Old Finds Whale Vomit Worth $63,000

Looks like this 8-year-old boy is going to have college paid for. Charlie Naysmith was walking along the beach in Great Britain and stumbled across a yellowed rock in the sand. After looking at it […]


Whale of a Story

Check out the video about this story on the next page.  It is incredible. 



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