Congressman Resigns

New York Representative, Chris Lee, resigned from his job because of an ad he put on Craigslist looking for women.  Too bad he is married. 


Cledus’s Baby Boy Child

Today we got a strange call with a women she has Cledus’s baby boy. take a listen to what she was talking about.


Women Calls Cledus To Make A Friendly Bet

Today a women called the show to make a friendly bet with Cledus on the Georgia vs. Arkansas game this weekend. Take a listen.


Top Post Yesterday And Why

Want to find out what our top post yesterday was. Take a listen.


Women Calls 911 For A Date

An Ohio women called 911 for a date. Take a listen to the audio.


Women Who Tried Help Are Fallen Officers

Dave talks about the women who tried to help the fallen officers a couple of weeks ago. Take a listen.


Can A Man Be Examined By A Woman Doctor?

Q.  Can a man be examined by a woman doctor?  And do


Litter Box Battle

Check out this story involving two women and a litter box. 


Don Juan Diet

You could call it the Don Juan Diet. Eating celery can make men sexier to women, say the authors of a new book about healthy eating. Celery floods a man’s sweat with a biochemical called


“Lipstick Index”

Seems women are putting on a pretty face in this ugly economy.  Cosmetics sales are booming as times are tough. No doubt about it: Makeup makes women feel better in hard times, and the so […]