Write a song Wednesday


Write A Song Wednesday: Swig & Jig

Camille Dupree and Broken Fetters performed this morning on Write A Song Wednesday! They provided the opening line, “I really like the way you…” They really left it open to imagination! Our listeners added lyrics, […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Snowbirds Anthem

Jonathan and Rocky, from the band Twisted Revolvers, were first-time featured musicians on Write A Song Wednesday! They provided an opening line that payed homage to Florida snowbirds. Our listeners called in the rest of […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

Musician Jesse Allan is no stranger to Write A Song Wednesday. He has performed numerous times with Camille Dupree & Broken Fetters on the show! This morning, Jesse brought along WASW newbie, Aubrey Wollett. They […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Ghost Pepper Why Must You Taunt Me?

This morning’s opening line for Write A Song Wednesday was inspired by the “Inferno Soup” from Nitally’s restaurant in St. Pete. The restaurant is featured on the Travel Channel this week! Brian Sutherland came up […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Arrested In Ireland

17 year-old Zack Biss performed on Write A Song Wednesday! Zack provided us with the opening line, “I was driving down the road in Ireland when I saw the flashing blue lights behind me,” based […]


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Write a Song Wednesday: High Hopes

On this week’s version of Write a Song Wednesday we had Jason and Adam from Freelow come in again for their third time. Producer Kevin provided the opening line for the song and it was […]



Write A Song Wednesday: I Don’t Know What Happened Last Night

On this week’s Write A Song Wednesday, veteran WASW performer Jeremy Thomas brought along first-timer Ella Jet. Ella is a talented musician who also plays locally… and she’s only 16 years old! Jeremy provided the […]



Write A Song Wednesday: No More Rabbits Runnin’ Round

This morning’s Write A Song Wednesday was probably gonna get a little weird, since our guest musicians were Justin Grimes and Cliff Brown. And boy… they did not disappoint! Justin provided us with the opening […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Blind, Crippled & Crazy

Billy McKnight & Soul Circus Cowboys are back for Write A Song Wednesday! They’re opening up for Love & Theft on July 5th at Hogan’s Beach! Billy provided the opening line, and our listeners added […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Eating Candy On The Gandy

This morning was the very first appearance for musician Stick Martin on Write A Song Wednesday! He provided the opening line, “Eating candy on the Gandy.” Our listeners helped add lyrics, line by line. The […]




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