Write a song Wednesday


Write A Song Wednesday: The Governor Munster Jam

Billy McKnight & Soul Circus Cowboys were our featured performers on Write A Song Wednesday! On the heels of “Fangate” at the second governors’ debate, Billy came up with the opening line “Charlie Crist likes […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Dr Phil Buzzkill

The Brian Sutherland Band attempted to kick off a lovely song about Fall and the scent of pumpkin spice in the air. However, since our listeners direct the lyrics, they decided to take it down […]


WASW_John Rhey

Write A Song Wednesday: Ready To Mingle

The John Rhey Band set a world record this morning for the earliest arrival on a Write A Song Wednesday ever! They were here before the start of the show at 5am! John Rhey provided […]



Write A Song Wednesday: What Are You Doing There… Putin?

Kenny Chesney provided us with the opening line for Write A Song Wednesday! During an interview with Kenny, he made an observation about what he saw on a billboard from his NYC hotel room… Camille […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Speed Trap App

This morning’s Write A Song Wednesday was inspired by true-life events! Our featured performer, Jeremy Thomas, was having a bit of a rough morning! His phone went dead, and he was having trouble getting inside […]



Write A Song Wednesday: It’s Still Pouring Outside

Our buddy, Justin Grimes, was the talent for this Write A Song Wednesday. Thanks to the rainy weather, he ran just a hair late… leaving Producer Kevin to come up with this morning’s opening line, […]



Write A Song Wednesday: The Smothered & Covered Rap

On this Write A Song Wednesday, Zack “The Pride of Canterbury” Biss brought along WASW first timer Rebekah Reid! Veronica was excited because Rebekah goes to school at V’s alma mater, Osceola High. Teenagers Zack […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Taco Tuesday Breakup Song

The opening line for this Write A Song Wednesday came from Joe Don Rooney of Rascal Flatts! The Flatts play at the Mid Florida Credit Union Amphitheater next Friday. Billy McKnight and the Soul Circus […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Swig & Jig

Camille Dupree and Broken Fetters performed this morning on Write A Song Wednesday! They provided the opening line, “I really like the way you…” They really left it open to imagination! Our listeners added lyrics, […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Snowbirds Anthem

Jonathan and Rocky, from the band Twisted Revolvers, were first-time featured musicians on Write A Song Wednesday! They provided an opening line that payed homage to Florida snowbirds. Our listeners called in the rest of […]




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