Write a song Wednesday

Boxcar Hollow

Write A Song Wednesday: Ho Ho Ho & Away We Go

Boxcar Hollow make a return appearance on Write A Song Wednesday! Since ’tis the season for holiday parties, they themed their opening line around the boss getting a little tipsy at the company party! Our […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Cousin Mary (Basted On An Untrue Story)

The quirky duo of Jason Frilot and Adam Coovadia, also known as Freelow, were our musical talent for this Write A Song Wednesday! Every time they perform, they deliver something so amazingly quirky! Today was […]



Write A Song Wednesday: It Did Make Some Things Shrink

The entire Tampa Bay area woke up this morning to the coldest temperatures of the Fall so far!! The Brian Sutherland Band braved the “freezing” temps to perform on this Write A Song Wednesday! Brian […]



Write A Song Wednesday: But I Sure Will Miss That Car

For the first time ever, Creative Loafing Best of the Bay winners Boxcar Hollow performed on Write A Song Wednesday… and knocked it out of the park!! The guys, Matt, Jack and Greg came up […]



Write A Song Wednesday: It Stinks But I Didn’t Do It

Toby Keith provided the opening line for this morning’s Write A Song Wednesday! Although our listeners could’ve taken it down an obvious “dutch oven” road, it was quite obvious that last night’s election was still […]



Write A Song Wednesday: My Girlfriend Is A Werewolf

Zack Biss’ official title on the Dave & Veronica Show is “The Pride of Canterbury.” On today’s Write A Song Wednesday, Zack proved why he’s the pride (and will probably be expelled for his association […]



Write A Song Wednesday: The Governor Munster Jam

Billy McKnight & Soul Circus Cowboys were our featured performers on Write A Song Wednesday! On the heels of “Fangate” at the second governors’ debate, Billy came up with the opening line “Charlie Crist likes […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Dr Phil Buzzkill

The Brian Sutherland Band attempted to kick off a lovely song about Fall and the scent of pumpkin spice in the air. However, since our listeners direct the lyrics, they decided to take it down […]


WASW_John Rhey

Write A Song Wednesday: Ready To Mingle

The John Rhey Band set a world record this morning for the earliest arrival on a Write A Song Wednesday ever! They were here before the start of the show at 5am! John Rhey provided […]



Write A Song Wednesday: What Are You Doing There… Putin?

Kenny Chesney provided us with the opening line for Write A Song Wednesday! During an interview with Kenny, he made an observation about what he saw on a billboard from his NYC hotel room… Camille […]




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