Write a song Wednesday


Write A Song Wednesday: Snowbirds Anthem

Jonathan and Rocky, from the band Twisted Revolvers, were first-time featured musicians on Write A Song Wednesday! They provided an opening line that payed homage to Florida snowbirds. Our listeners called in the rest of […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

Musician Jesse Allan is no stranger to Write A Song Wednesday. He has performed numerous times with Camille Dupree & Broken Fetters on the show! This morning, Jesse brought along WASW newbie, Aubrey Wollett. They […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Ghost Pepper Why Must You Taunt Me?

This morning’s opening line for Write A Song Wednesday was inspired by the “Inferno Soup” from Nitally’s restaurant in St. Pete. The restaurant is featured on the Travel Channel this week! Brian Sutherland came up […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Arrested In Ireland

17 year-old Zack Biss performed on Write A Song Wednesday! Zack provided us with the opening line, “I was driving down the road in Ireland when I saw the flashing blue lights behind me,” based […]


Photo Courtesy of Kevin's iPhone

Write a Song Wednesday: High Hopes

On this week’s version of Write a Song Wednesday we had Jason and Adam from Freelow come in again for their third time. Producer Kevin provided the opening line for the song and it was […]



Write A Song Wednesday: I Don’t Know What Happened Last Night

On this week’s Write A Song Wednesday, veteran WASW performer Jeremy Thomas brought along first-timer Ella Jet. Ella is a talented musician who also plays locally… and she’s only 16 years old! Jeremy provided the […]



Write A Song Wednesday: No More Rabbits Runnin’ Round

This morning’s Write A Song Wednesday was probably gonna get a little weird, since our guest musicians were Justin Grimes and Cliff Brown. And boy… they did not disappoint! Justin provided us with the opening […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Blind, Crippled & Crazy

Billy McKnight & Soul Circus Cowboys are back for Write A Song Wednesday! They’re opening up for Love & Theft on July 5th at Hogan’s Beach! Billy provided the opening line, and our listeners added […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Eating Candy On The Gandy

This morning was the very first appearance for musician Stick Martin on Write A Song Wednesday! He provided the opening line, “Eating candy on the Gandy.” Our listeners helped add lyrics, line by line. The […]


BSuth Band 6-11-14

Write A Song Wednesday: The Ballad of the Mariachi Fight

When we talked to LeAnn Rimes last week, she shared with us her woes about the multiple dental surgeries she has undergone in the last two years. With that, LeAnn was inspired to give us […]





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