Write a song Wednesday


Write A Song Wednesday: Blind, Crippled & Crazy

Billy McKnight & Soul Circus Cowboys are back for Write A Song Wednesday! They’re opening up for Love & Theft on July 5th at Hogan’s Beach! Billy provided the opening line, and our listeners added […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Eating Candy On The Gandy

This morning was the very first appearance for musician Stick Martin on Write A Song Wednesday! He provided the opening line, “Eating candy on the Gandy.” Our listeners helped add lyrics, line by line. The […]


BSuth Band 6-11-14

Write A Song Wednesday: The Ballad of the Mariachi Fight

When we talked to LeAnn Rimes last week, she shared with us her woes about the multiple dental surgeries she has undergone in the last two years. With that, LeAnn was inspired to give us […]


Zack Biss 6-4-14

Write A Song Wednesday: Dog Became A Cat

17 year-old Zack Biss is an incredible young talent. He returns for another Write A Song Wednesday, and he provided us with our opening line this morning! (CLICK HERE to check out Zack on Facebook […]


Freelow 5-28-14

Write A Song Wednesday: Spell It Out

Jason Frilot and Adam Coovadia, better known as musical duo Freelow,  were our featured performers this morning on Write A Song Wednesday! CLICK HERE for Freelow’s tour dates! Jason provided us with the opening line, […]


John Rhey

Write A Song Wednesday: 2 Bucks 25 Cents

Our opening line this morning came from Joe Don Rooney of Rascal Flatts! Our listeners called in the lyrics to go along with that line. It was, well, an interesting mix of lines… Musician John […]


Jeremy Thomas

Write A Song Wednesday: Just Wanna Thank Your Mother

Our opening line for Write A Song Wednesday came from the talented singer/songwriter Thomas Rhett! The line, “When I walked in the front door, there you were with your headphones on” left a lot open […]


Brian Sutherland Band WASW 5_7_14

Write A Song Wednesday: Massages Are Great

Our opening line for Write A Song Wednesday was, well… a little open-ended. Joe Nichols provided the line, “Massages are great.” There was a lot of possibility for the lyrics to go way south! Our […]


Maggie Rose with Dave and Veronica (photo: WQYK)

Write A Song Wednesday: Maggie Rose Sings “Fake Leg Flask”

This morning was an extra-special edition of Write A Song Wednesday! Normally, we have an artist or celebrity give us an opening line. Then, a local talent comes in to help write and perform the […]



Write A Song Wednesday: That Night In The Trailer Park

Jason Frilot and Adam Coovadia, of the group Freelow, were first-time musical guests on Write A Song Wednesday this morning! They brought a cool vibe to the lyrics that our listeners help put together. Our […]





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