Write a song Wednesday


Write A Song Wednesday: That’s Not My Sister!

Not only was this one of the most random mornings lyrics-wise, but it was pretty random altogether! The show started out this morning with Veronica suffering from a horrendous itch on her back that she […]


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Write A Song Wednesday: Rob Ford Blues

Kimberly from The Band Perry gave us the opening line for today’s Write a Song Wednesday…”I’m stuck on the side of the road in Canada”. The listeners decided that the cold weather and Canada themed […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Stacking My Woodpile

Jon Pardi (“Up All Night”) gave us the opening line for today’s Write A Song Wednesday… “When I’m stacking my woodpile.” We decided to keep a central theme of being cold outside, and our listeners […]



Write A Song Wednesday: There’s A Fire Burning

Our Write A Song Wednesday musicians, Jeremy Thomas & Andy Stafford, are the real deal! So much so, they had a gig the night before until 3am and STILL came in to perform for us! […]



Write A Song Wednesday: awwwwww Hold Onto Your Panties

This Write A Song Wednesday marks the first appearance by Billy McKnight & the Soul Circus Cowboys! (CLICK HERE to like them on Facebook) The opening line came from Jennifer Nettles,of Sugarland, whose debut solo […]



Write A Song Wednesday: It’s Frickin’ Freezing Out Here

It’s our first Write A Song Wednesday of the new year! Camille Dupree & Broken Fetters are in studio to help put the song together and perform. (Shout out to dad, Gary Dupree, for cooking […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Garth Brooks’ Daddy Taught Him How To Kiss

This morning’s opening line for Write A Song Wednesday was… well… a little weird. No offense to the legendary Garth Brooks, who gave us the line, but “my daddy taught me how to kiss” sounds […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Fried Green Grinch

Zack Biss is back for Write A Song Wednesday! Zack is a 16 year-old student at Canterbury School (thanks for letting him skip first period! LOL!), and he is extremely talented. He began performing locally […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Merry Christmas Trombone!

  One of our favorite bands came in this morning to perform on Write A Song Wednesday, Clemons Road! Not sure if it’s the holiday season upon us or what, but they were a bit […]



Write A Song Wednesday: The Redneck Thanksgiving Song

We decided to borrow this morning’s opening line for Write A Song Wednesday from a Thanksgiving classic, “Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.” In order to make it more creative, the opener we chose was “And the biggest, […]





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