Write a song Wednesday


Write A Song Wednesday: Merry Christmas Trombone!

  One of our favorite bands came in this morning to perform on Write A Song Wednesday, Clemons Road! Not sure if it’s the holiday season upon us or what, but they were a bit […]



Write A Song Wednesday: The Redneck Thanksgiving Song

We decided to borrow this morning’s opening line for Write A Song Wednesday from a Thanksgiving classic, “Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.” In order to make it more creative, the opener we chose was “And the biggest, […]


lo cash cowboys 11-20-13

Write A Song Wednesday: Back To Me & You (featuring Lo Cash Cowboys!)

This was a very special edition of Write A Song Wednesday! Our opening line was provided by Lo Cash Cowboys… who were also IN STUDIO to perform the final product!! Lo Cash Cowboys are in […]



Write A Song Wednesday: I Show My Behind

When we interviewed Tyler Farr (“Redneck Crazy”) a few weeks ago, he not only revealed his personal stalker-ish moments to us, but he also revealed that he was trained in classic opera singing!  The latter […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Wang Chung Tonight

Singer/songwriter Thomas Rhett recently celebrated a number one single with “It Goes Like This.” So, considering what a talented writer he is, we were a little surprised at the opening line he gave us for […]



Write A Song Wednesday: You Guys Owe Me A Beer

Our opening line for Write A Song Wednesday came to us in an interesting way. During Dave & Veronica’s interview with Lady Antebellum, Charles Kelly started to sing “What the Fox Says.” This somehow led […]



Write A Song Wednesday: GAGAGAGAGAGA Gout!

We can always count on Trace Adkins to give us unique interviews!  His Christmas Show is coming to Ruth Eckerd Hall on December 18th, and he has a new Christmas album, too!! CLICK HERE to […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Take Her To Gibsonton

Our opening line for Write A Song Wednesday came from Larry the Cable Guy!! We were half-expecting it to be something wacky funny, but Larry kept it pretty simple with “I’m sitting on the steps, […]


zack biss

Write A Song Wednesday: Aviator Playboy Bunny

Our Write A Song Wednesday performer was a first timer on the feature! Zack Biss may only be 16 years old, but he’s actually been performing in local bars and events since he was a […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Half The Man Tarzan

Justin Moore gave us our opening line for Write A Song Wednesday. It was more like an open-ended opening line! “Why do you always make me wanna…” Not knowing what direction our listeners would take, […]