Write a song Wednesday

Maggie Rose with Dave and Veronica (photo: WQYK)

Write A Song Wednesday: Maggie Rose Sings “Fake Leg Flask”

This morning was an extra-special edition of Write A Song Wednesday! Normally, we have an artist or celebrity give us an opening line. Then, a local talent comes in to help write and perform the […]



Write A Song Wednesday: That Night In The Trailer Park

Jason Frilot and Adam Coovadia, of the group Freelow, were first-time musical guests on Write A Song Wednesday this morning! They brought a cool vibe to the lyrics that our listeners help put together. Our […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Gotta Get Up To Get Down

While at the ACMs in Vegas, Scotty McCreery gave us the opening line for today’s Write A Song Wednesday. Appropriately, it was inspired my the movie “The Hangover!” Billy McKnight & the Soul Circus Cowboys […]



Write A Song Wednesday: The Thong Song

When we recently talked to Kellie Pickler at the ACM Awards in Las Vegas, we asked her to give us an opening line for Write A Song Wednesday. Surprisingly, she was totally stumped. She responded, […]


Write A Song Wednesday

Write A Song Wednesday: When I was An Ocean

Today was the one-year anniversary of Brian Sutherland & Justin Grimes playing together on Write A Song Wednesday! We can always count on them to have a hilariously beautiful performance. Today was no exception. With […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Taco Taco Taco

Our opening line this Write A Song Wednesday was from the guy whose new album, “High Noon,” just hit stores! Jerrod Niemann provided “I was walking down the street and realized I was wearing just […]



Write A Song Wednesday: I’m A Bird!

Our Write A Song Wednesday opening line came from a spontaneous exclamation by John Rich of Big & Rich! When we asked him for a line, he wasn’t quite ready to answer… because he had […]



Write A Song Wedenesday: Drunk At A Farm

The opening line for this week’s Write A Song Wednesday came from a WASW fan… Fox 13 anchor Laura Moody! The John Rhey Band came in to perform the final product. We had a leeeeeeeetle […]



Write A Song Wednesday: We’re In Polk County

No one ever quite expected today’s Write A Song Wednesday to take the direction of a shotgun wedding, but that’s what happens when you’re “In Polk County” I guess! The opening line came from David […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Red Rum Squirt Gun

The opening line for today’s Write A Song Wednesday came from Cole Swindell, whose debut single “Chillin’ It” just went #1!!! Justin Grimes was in to perform the final song. He admitted to being juuuuuust […]





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