Write a song Wednesday


Write A Song Wednesday: Don’t Blame It On The Words

This Write A Song Wednesday had a little twist… OF EGG!! Camille Dupree & Broken Fetters were in studio to perform the song. But before they could get down to business, there was a little […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Always Wanted To Milk A Squirrel

When we interviewed Brett Eldredge, we asked him to provide an opening line for Write A Song Wednesday. He asked if it could be totally random. We realized after the fact that we should NOT […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Tongue In Ear

This morning, “Plant City Famous” band Clemons Road put a fun spin on our Write A Song Wednesday lyrics AND Blake Shelton’s “Boys Round Here!” We kicked off this morning with an opening line from […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Sour Patch Kids & A Cold Mountain Dew

When we interviewed Chris Janson last week, he revealed that he has two vices when he’s traveling through an airport… Sour Patch Kids candy and Mountain Dew soda. We decided to take that piece and […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Hotter Than A Steam Room

We weren’t quite sure what direction this Write A Song Wednesday song was going to head after songwriter Chris Stapleton gave us the opening line “There’s a fire alarm on the wall.” Chris Stapleton, MCA […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Wednesday Wednesday Waiting On You

Our opening line for Write A Song Wednesday came from Tampa Bay’s very own Caroline Kole. Caroline, who is enjoying success at the age of 16, has her debut single “Money To Me” playing on […]



Write A Song Wednesday – Spilled Red!

This morning, we were a little concerned about how odd our opening line for Write A Song Wednesday was. The opener came from up-and-coming Streamsound artist Austin Webb. His opening line was, “I fell out […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Can She Cook?

This morning, we wanted the celebrate July 4th with a little slice of Americana. So, we pulled our inspiration for the opening line of Write A Song Wednesday from an all-American family… The Robertsons of […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Call Me Big Poppa

We wouldn’t be surprised if Chris Rogers said he was scarred for life after his appearance on Write A Song Wednesday! Chris will open up for Craig Morgan this Friday at Boots & Buckles Saloon […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Me & Mom & Hot Dogs

Our opening line for this Write A Song Wednesday was provided by The Band Perry! Yep! All three siblings gave us the opener, piece by piece… Reid gave “Tonight is humid,” Kimberly said “which is […]