Write a song Wednesday


Write A Song Wednesday: Sandy Beach

Each Wednesday, we take an opening line from an artist or celebrity. Then, our listeners add lyrics line by line! Our guest band takes those lyrics and turns them into a song! Check out the […]



Write A Song Wednesday: That’s Not My Sister!

Not only was this one of the most random mornings lyrics-wise, but it was pretty random altogether! The show started out this morning with Veronica suffering from a horrendous itch on her back that she […]


Photo Courtesy of WQYK

Write A Song Wednesday: Rob Ford Blues

Kimberly from The Band Perry gave us the opening line for today’s Write a Song Wednesday…”I’m stuck on the side of the road in Canada”. The listeners decided that the cold weather and Canada themed […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Stacking My Woodpile

Jon Pardi (“Up All Night”) gave us the opening line for today’s Write A Song Wednesday… “When I’m stacking my woodpile.” We decided to keep a central theme of being cold outside, and our listeners […]



Write A Song Wednesday: There’s A Fire Burning

Our Write A Song Wednesday musicians, Jeremy Thomas & Andy Stafford, are the real deal! So much so, they had a gig the night before until 3am and STILL came in to perform for us! […]



Write A Song Wednesday: awwwwww Hold Onto Your Panties

This Write A Song Wednesday marks the first appearance by Billy McKnight & the Soul Circus Cowboys! (CLICK HERE to like them on Facebook) The opening line came from Jennifer Nettles,of Sugarland, whose debut solo […]



Write A Song Wednesday: It’s Frickin’ Freezing Out Here

It’s our first Write A Song Wednesday of the new year! Camille Dupree & Broken Fetters are in studio to help put the song together and perform. (Shout out to dad, Gary Dupree, for cooking […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Garth Brooks’ Daddy Taught Him How To Kiss

This morning’s opening line for Write A Song Wednesday was… well… a little weird. No offense to the legendary Garth Brooks, who gave us the line, but “my daddy taught me how to kiss” sounds […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Fried Green Grinch

Zack Biss is back for Write A Song Wednesday! Zack is a 16 year-old student at Canterbury School (thanks for letting him skip first period! LOL!), and he is extremely talented. He began performing locally […]



Write A Song Wednesday: Merry Christmas Trombone!

  One of our favorite bands came in this morning to perform on Write A Song Wednesday, Clemons Road! Not sure if it’s the holiday season upon us or what, but they were a bit […]





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