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(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images of IEBA)

Kip Moore’s New Video Might Shock Or Surprise Fans

When I first heard about Kip Moore’s controversial actions in his new video “young love” I wasn’t offended or surprised at all. But certain celebrity media sights have dubbed taking a drag from a cigarette […]


Kip Moore

Kip Moore Says His New Album Will Be ‘Gritty,’ ‘Intense’

In an interview this week, Moore says that his second album is coming soon and promises it will be both “intense” in its mood and more than a little “gritty” in the way it sounds.


Kip Moore1

Kip Moore Releases New Single Online

With a tour on the way next month, Kip Moore has just released his latest single “Young Love” on his website. Moore says the song is about “being in love so much that the rest […]


Kip Moore (Credit: Stephen Shepherd)

Listen to Kip Moore’s Nostalgic New Song ‘Young Love’

“This song is about being in love so much that the rest of the world doesn’t matter, it is just about those two people,” he said.



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